The Stockton Spine Center

Central Valley’s Leading Authority In Non-Surgical Treatment Of Severe Neck & Back Pain

The Stockton Spine Center specializes in the treatment of severe neck & back pain brought about by disc herniations and spinal arthritis using the most advanced non-surgical treatment technology available.

In fact, our treatments are so effective in removing our patients’ pain and providing lasting results, that neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons are sending their patients to our clinic before recommending surgery.

We’re Very Selective.

We are proud to boast an exceedingly high success rate and we owe our success to our exclusive treatment protocol and adherence to our strict Patient Qualification Process.

Most of our patients have tried several different doctors and therapies and have been left with disappointing results. However, we have a strict Patient Qualification Process and we will ONLY accept patients that we feel have the highest probability of treatment success.

So if you’re suffering from chronic severe neck or back pain, have tried everything and nothing’s worked, then you may be a candidate for our care.

Find out if you qualify for our care.

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