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"Ever since my car accident, I have had terrible pain in my neck, right shoulder, and lower back. It has been so painful for me that I couldn't sleep and I definitely couldn't carry anything. I came to Dr. Le's office for treatment and my pain had decreased; however, I was still having trouble sleeping and I could only stand to hold my purse for five minutes at the most. Then Dr. Le tried the Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, and the very next day, for the first time in five months, I was pain free! I can sleep through the night and even hold my purse while shopping. Dr. Le, thank you for helping me sleep again!"

- Tatiana Raigoza; Stockton, CA
5 stars

"After getting hit by a tow truck and sandwiched between another car, I felt miserable and tired from all the pain (severe lower back) I had. Finally after six months of conventional medicince doing nothing for my pain I decided this clinic was my only option to getting my life back. Thank to the staff and the DRX9000 technology, I almost feel back to normal and can sit on chair again. If you are sick and tire of back pain and doctors who don't listen, give the Stockton Spine Center a try. You won't regre it." - Ashley Burgard; Rio Vista, CA

anna t"Recently I completed a twenty-day treatment program for chronic lower back pain. While I was limited as to physical activity during the program, I very soon was pain free. Upon completion of the program, I am gradually working my way back into everyday activities - standing in the kitchen to cook, walking for exercise, light gardening, etc. So far no pain. With working in the advanced pain back exercises given to me by Dr. Le and having some follow up maintenance treatments, I hope to continue to be pain free. Thanks Dr. Le,"

- Anna Thomas; Stockton, CA

antonio r"Dear Dr. Le. Thank you for all your help in treating me. You are a wonderful person for helping me with all my aches and pain. When I first came to you I was in chronic pain in my back and couldn't feel my foot. I was forced to use a cane to walk and my quality of life wasn't good. I benefited greatly from DRX9000 spinal decompression relief program. After finishing the treatments, I now no longer need a cane to walk and both my back and foot are much improved. I would definitely recommend you to others for treatment. With my deepest appreciation and thanks for all you and your staff have done."

- Antonio Raso; Stockton, CA
5 stars

avelina aEspanol:

"Cuando yo empese a venir a mis sitas. No podia caminar bien o caminar por largo tiempo. No podia dormir bien. O a ser mis actividades que asia normalmente. Ahora estoy muy contenta con el tratamiento del DRX. Con la ayuda de Dr. Le mi vida a camiado a mejor. Estoy muy contenta que aiga llamdo a Dr. Le. Valio la pena venir desde Brentwood a mis visitas. Yano tengo dolor, y puedo caminar por largos tiempo y aser mi vida normal. Gracias Dr. Le."

English Translation:

"When I started to come to my appointments I could barely walk for a long period of time. I couldn't even sleep or do my normal activities I would do. Now I am very happy with the DRX treatments that I received. With the help of Dr. Le my life has changed to better, so I am so happy I called Dr. Le. It was worth coming from Brentwood to my appointments. I have no pain; I can walk for long period of time and do my normal activities with no pain. Thank you Dr. Le."

- Avelina Avelar; Brentwood, CA

betty s

"I had back pain for many years. I reached a point that it was difficult to walk. Since using the DRX9000 Decompression, walking has improved after 20 treatments. It has really made a difference. The pain is almost all gone when walking. I am still improving.

I have gone for many years to chiropractic off and on for years and with the loss of my chiropractor, I decided to go to Dr. Le. With the DRX9000 treatment, the pain has gone away most of the time. Thank you Dr. Le."

- Betty Smith; Stockton, CA
5 stars

bob d"Before coming to this clinic, I was in severe pain. I saw an ad in the newspaper about a new system called Spinal Decompression. I decided to give it a try. Much to my surprise, the DRX9000 has given me a 95% free from pain experience."

- Bob Daveggio; Stockton, CA

carmen v"I came as a last resort to see what Dr. Le can do for me. I had surgery in 1997 in my lower back L4 - L5 and nothing but problems. So Dr. Le's DRX9000 helped me a whole lot. I can bend, walk, and sit for much longer. Thank you Dr. Le and his wonderful staff."

- Carmen Valles; Stockton, CA
5 stars

catherine w"I saw Dr. Le's ads in the newspaper and all the testimonials seemed too good to be true. I decided to find out for myself. My back pain was more than moderate and after 20 treatments I can truly say the relief was very noticeable. Best of all, I commend Dr. Le for having a caring, friendly and hospitable staff! I'd recommend his service to anyone having back pain."

- Catherine Wawro; Stockton, CA

charles b"Since being treated by Dr. Dinh V. Le I have noticed an improvement in my activities. Since I am 85 years old, I cannot expect a miracle. However, I found the staff very efficient and helpful. I know that I cannot accept a full recovery because of my age. I have noticed a decided improvement in my mobility and a better outlook on my life."

- Charles Bernardini; Stockton, CA

darriel h"I came to Dr. Le's office with pain in my neck. After treatments on his machine, I found the pain was gone and I could sleep better. The staff was very friendly and caring. I would recommend this to anyone."

- Darriel Hayes; Tracy, CA

omid m"My back had a herniated disc with pain all the way down to my leg. I was unable to stand straight or play golf. After the treatment on the DRX9000 I am able to play with my kids, play golf, stand straight and without pain. It works!"

- Omid Manshadi; Stockton, CA

diane w"When I first started coming to Dr. Le's office I had severe lower back pain, which was interfering with my golf game. After series of treatment with the DRX9000, I AM PAIN FREE! I am able to continue my daily golf game with my friends. I have more confidence now and am very satisfied. I can finally golf again!"

- Diane Wolff; Valley Springs, CA

felipa m"Before coming to see Dr. Le I was seeing a different chiropractor. That doctor wasn't doing much for me. One Saturday morning my boyfriend and I were watching TV. While watching TV the promotion of the DRX9000 came on. I decided to make that call. I'm glad I did because Dr. Le is a very concerned doctor. He likes to see that his patients are doing well and are returning to do their daily activates in life. I thank God that Dr, Le has helped my lower back pain."

- Felipa Martinez; Stockton, CA

gerald w"I want everyone to know that I was in lots of pain due to injuries I have received from my job. I've had back surgery, physical therapy, all kinds of pain killers, nothing worked. Then, I read about Dr. Le's practice in the Stockton Record about the DRX9000 back adjuster and it really works. Thanks to Dr. Le and his team of chiropractic assistants, I'm feeling real good. Thank you!"

- Gerald W. Wells Jr.; Stockton, CA
5 stars

kourtney t"I was born with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and for the past 8 years it spread to my neck and I wasn't able to do normal activities or sleep through the night without feeling extreme pain. Since completing the treatments on the DRX9000C and by Dr. Le, I am now feeling no pain! I am able to do more than normal activities on a daily basis and am now sleeping through the night! Having been to countless doctors for 33 years, I was very skeptical about these treatments, but I am very happy to say Dr. Le backs up everything he will tell you! I would recommend the DRX9000 and Dr Le to everyone living in pain! Thank you for giving me my life back Dr. Le and all the staff!"

- Kourtney Taylor; Acampo, CA

ramona m

"I am able to sleep all night, I walk straighter, pain is 30% better."

- Ramona Mooney; Acampo, CA

mary k"Thanks to the DRX9000 Non-surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy, I am 99% well. Thank you Dr. Le and staff! I am pain free."

- Mary Kurahara; Lodi, CA

marcelino r"I feel good for the job you are doing. I think one of my friends will come here too."

- Marcelino Rubacalba; Patterson, CA

"I had painful back pain form months, but it all changed once I paid a visit to Dr. Le and his staff. They were all extremely caring and helpful. The spinal decompression melted the pain right out of my back. Right after the first treatment my back felt ready to be active again. I recommend this program to anyone who has and needs help with back problems. Dr. Le helped very much. I am 100% positive he can help you too!"

- Raviskesh Kumar; Stockton, CA
5 stars