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Peripheral Neuropathy

header peripheral neuropathy

Are You Suffering From These Symptoms?

  • Numbness
  • Prickly/Tingling Feelings
  • Burning Pain
  • Cramping, Worse at Night
  • Sharp, Electrical Pain
  • Hurt and Off Balance When Walking
  • Irresistible Urge to Move Legs at Night (Restless Legs)

If these symptoms describe you, then you may have or are experiencing a condition that affects 20-30 millions Americans, and these collectively is called Peripherial Neuropathy. About 60% are related to Diabetes, other including over the age of 50 years, chronic statin medications users (cholesterol lowering prescription meds), side effective from chemotherapy, etc...

It you've tried everything, you may be a candidate for our care. Add some peace into your life and call today to make an appointment.

Here is what Vicky Farmer of Ione, CA had to say:

"I am able to walk without a lot of pain. I came to Dr. Le after seeing his ad in the paper. I had tried different drugs with no success. After having therapy and treatment, the Neuropathy in my feet is 90% better. I am able to walk without a lot of pain! I am a happier person now. Dr. Le's staff is very pleasant and friendly. Thank you very much."

Also Arlene Wells of Stockton, CA had to say:

"I was suffering for years with excruciating lower back, legs and feet pain. I had received treatments for it, but nothing seemed to help over a long period of time. Then I started going to Dr. Le for Neuropathy treatments. At first I was kind of skeptical that it wasn't going to help me. But after a few weeks of treatments I began to really feel the difference. Now, I am able to get in and out of bed without hardly any pain at all. I am also able to stand in one position for a long period of time. And, now I can walk without limping. All I can say is thank you Dr. Le for giving me my life back. I would strongly recommend Dr. Le to anyone who is suffering with pain."

And Teresa Parskeves of Lodi, CA:

"In May, my sister-in-law handed me an ad in the paper about Dr. Le and I called and got in the next day. I feel wonderful and have no pain now. The staff is exceptional, friendly and very helpful and cheerful every day. Dr. Le is an exceptional person as a doctor and a friend. He is very, very highly recommended. Thank you Dr. Le and staff! Dr. Le is a miracle worker! He was for me."

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