Herniated Disc

A Disc herniation is very serious and fragile condition that if left untreated, can result in excruciating back pain and permanent nerve damage.

In fact, the herniated disc material that moves to the outside of the disc, can break free and makes its way down to your spinal cord and result in immediate bowel and bladder weakness (i.e. Cauda Equina Syndrome) which then require immediate surgical intervention.Herniated Disc

What is a Disc Herniation

Between the vertebrae (i.e. spinal bones) lies your intervertebral discs (a.k.a Disc) that acts as a shock absorber for your spine.

The disc itself is made up of an inner jelly like material that's surrounded by a hard fibrous outer layer that contains that jelly-like material.

However, through heavy lifting, poor posture, repetitive strain, a fall or other trauma, the outer fibrous rings begin to tear and the jelly-like material starts to seep out (i.e. Disc Bulge).

Once there's a complete tear of that outer ring, the inner jelly-lie material then leaks to the outside of the disc and can cause excruciating pain.

But regardless if an individual has a disc bulge or a disc herniation, severe neck/back pain can occur along with intense burning and tingling down the arms/legs.

If left untreated, you ccan be left with severe pain and permanent neurological damage (i.e. burning down your arms/legs, incoordination, muscle weakness and muscle wasting/legs).

Why Are Our Treatments So Effecftive?

One of the reasons why our treatments are so effective and deliver such fast results, is because of the precision of the treatments.

That is to say, once we have determined where your disc herniated(s) is, our customized non-surgical technology will focus on that area precisely.

Our technology will gently distract the adjacent vertebrae around your problematic disc. As it does this, it will create a negative pressure (i.e. a vacuum-like effect) within the disc.

This vacuum-like effect will then suck that disc material back into the interior of your disc (i.e. its normal position), remove the pressure off your nerve and scar tissue will form around the opening when the jelly leaked out and will then seal it to prevent it from herniating out again.

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